Pulse Night Club

It weighs heavy on my heart that the LGBTQ community was affected by the largest mass shooting that took place on American soil since 9/11 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The Community was enjoying the amenities of life when in an instant it was gone and taken away from them. America will continue to mourn and pray for the families, and loved ones that were tragically harmed during this horrific event. The world will show the colors and sadness through vigils and Orlando we stand with you. I was gracious enough to be invited to attend a vigil last night in Victorville, CA. The vigil was held outside, in front of Ricky’s nightclub, where I watched the High Desert LGBTQ community joined together and pray for those that had lost their life, their families and those that were injured in the horrible attack. I also wanted to say it’s not about the people holding the candles, it’s about the candles being held.